Where do you get your ideas?

My ideas for books usually start from some little nugget of information or inspiration either in the news, an overheard conversation or an incident in my own life.  For example, the opening scene in Hot Whisper, (the novella in WICKED WONDERLAND) where Claire gets stranded at a train depot because she’s busy shopping almost happened to me! (Apparently when they blow the whistle they mean it.) While running to catch the train I just knew the experience would end up in a book.

Will you be coming to my city?

I love to travel whether for business or pleasure so the answer is most likely yes!  I will be posting book signings, workshops and conference attendance in the Upcoming Appearances section and personal travel destinations in my Let’s Hang Out area of The Fan Club. I enjoy meeting and chatting with readers for lunch, coffee or a glass of wine so don’t be shy.

When will you have a new book out?

I try to have a new title out every six months or roughly two per year.  PLAYING FOR KEEPS, my March release is the first of a three book series.

Will you do another collaboration with Wynonna Judd?

RESTLESS HEART was written with a sequel in mind and I would jump at the chance to work with Wynonna again.

Will you write more erotic romances?

While my focus is on southern bent romantic comedy I still enjoy writing steamy stories like DRIVEN BY DESIRE so I hope to do one here and there.

Is another series like Cricket Creek in the works?

Yes!  So stay posted in the Fan Club section for sneak peeks of future projects.

Are you available to give talks or conduct workshops?

Absolutely.  Go to my media/press section for bio and contact information.


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